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Danachii's graphic journal
。 my k i n g d o m 。 
[tangled] rapunzel » is this for real?

Before using any graphics here, please read the following rules and guidelines. You must follow this usage policy before snagging or even watching the community.

❶ Please, please please credit either danachii or danaicons when you want to take or use any of the graphics posted here.

❷ Please do not take any of my work and claim them as your own. I work very hard to make my graphics, so seeing somebody stealing them is very disheartening, not to mention I'll have no choice but to ban you from this community too.

❸ Please upload all icons, banners, graphics etc. into your own server. Using image freehosting sites such as Photobucket and/or TinyPic is also very helpful. :)

❹ Textless icons are not bases, and should never ever be used as such. Please try to refrain from modifying them, otherwise I will PM you to take it off.

❺ No trolling, flaming, drama or flaim-baiting in here. Please respect all other members and their interests, including mine as well. If you don't follow any of these rules, especially this one, then you will receive a ban.

Other than that, have fun! :) And be sure to contact me if you have any further questions.
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